Tumblr Tips – Tumview

Tumview is a Tumblr Photo viewer – it’s a way to view the picture and gif posts of a blog without actually visiting that blog.

1. Go to Tumview.com and in the Tumblr ID field enter a Tumblr id, so if you want to see the images in a blog called 123abc.tumblr.com, you’d enter 123abc in that field.

tumview home

2. After clicking the enter key on your keyboard, a new screen will appear that will show the photo in that blog.

3. You can hover over any of the pics, and it’ll give you the time and date the photo was posted/reblogged on the blog (see image below).

tumview date stamp

4. When you click on any of the photos in the left panel, it’ll show you the larger photo in the right panel.

5. You can then click on the larger photo in the right panel, and it’ll open up a new tab on your browser and display the blog post where you can then reblog or like if you wish.

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