Creating a YouTube Playlist

Youtube playlists are a way you can create a set of videos for yourself or your viewers to enjoy in a linear fashion; the videos can be watched one after the other. You can add your own videos or someone else’s videos to your playlists. To create a playlist, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your YouTube channel.

2. To the right of the search field, is the “Upload” button and just to the right of that, is a dropdown menu. Click that and select “Video Manager”

Select YouTube Video Manager

3. Click on Playlists on the left sidebar.

Select YouTube Playlists

4. Select the button on the upper right that says “+ New playlist” and a new window will appear that will ask you for a Playlist title and Playlist description. After you fill in those two fields, click the “Create playlist” button.

New Youtube Playlist

5. On this new screen, you’d select the “Add video by URL” and add the video you want to add to your playlist in the “Video URL” field. After you’ve copied the URL into that field, you’d click the “Add” button on the right.

Add Video by URL

6. Repeat number 5 for as many videos as you want to add to your playlist; 200 videos are the maximum allowed per playlist.

7. Once you’re done adding videos to your playlist, click the blue “done” button on the upper right.

8. To see your playlist, go back to your channel and click the Playlists item on the left sidebar. If you ever want to edit your playlist by adding new videos to it, just select the playlist and once you’re on the playlist page, you can click the “edit playlist” button on the left to do your editing.

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